Sunday, 31 December 2017

Happy New Year everyone!

Happy New Year to everyone!
Thanks for sticking around.
I hope 2018 promises to be a good year for everyone.  We sure can do with a turn of luck around here.
Anyway, here's the last silly little video I made of me and the coupe just the other day.

Plan to sell off the old chassis and bring in a new one is still on the cards. Still hunting for a nice 302 Windsor and C4 auto.
See what happens.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

letting your guard down

Well, off comes one side of the car's guard and running board anyway.
We're planning on selling off the entire undercarriage; motor and all and purchasing a ready made chassis ready to bolt up and drive away, so to speak.
Anyway, we do have some rust issues, though they seem pretty minor from what I have discovered. There are a few chassis builders around the place and after ringing around have more or less settled on the Lewis Chassis from Victoria.
I think most workshops have told me that by the time I get a new front and rear and new brakes and lines and diff and so on, I am better off buying the whole kit assembled and ready to go.

Here's where we're at.

Wow! She' starting to look like a hotrod now!

Rust under the rear guard.

breaking out the heavy ammunition on some bastard bolts

undercarriage doesn't look too bad. Wouldn't like to go jabbing at this area with anything sharp.

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Datsun 1200 Tank

Secured this righteous Datsun 1200 Fuel Tank for a song. Only a piffling 39 litres (10 Gal) but will suffice. So, after Christmas will be ripping out the old tank and hooking this puppy up.

meanwhile, have an unemotional Christmas

Friday, 22 December 2017

December update

Okay, well, Merry Christmas everybody! Hope you have a good one, and a great 2018.
What's in store for us here? Well, I am still gonna be hunting for a nice pickup truck and hopefully the coupe will be ready to do the Gulgong 90th birthday drive in May. Doubt it , though.
Here's the most recent movie.
See you all in 2018 with a bit of luck.

Thursday, 21 December 2017

A quick walk through of the coupe.

Hi folks. Had a hell of a lot of bad things happening of late and haven't been able to get my shit together enough to post anything. Bottom line is, I'm still here.  I still have the model A and I am still looking for a nice F1 or F100 truck to cruise about in. I still have the Z car up for sale but no takers as yet.
Not much gonna happen over the next few weeks with the coupe. I have started replacing all the rotten wood out of the cabin with new wood and so far doing okay.
Here is a quick walkthrough of our recent purchase. Hope you like.
I have started writing again and my fourth draft of my new novel has been completed. I have submitted it to two agents for consideration. Hope to hear back from them by mid-January or February.

Here's a brief synopsis of my new book, tentatively titled "the shadow of memories forgotten"

Yarberry House is an old 18th-century rambling manor that has fallen into disrepair. The council have earmarked it for demolition in the very near future. However, the local community radio station still broadcast from the upstairs rooms. Tom Pate, who presents a popular folk music show on the station has an accident and falls down the stairs. He returns one month later to resume his old show.
However, things are not quite right with Tom. He still has dizzy spells and he begins to notice that the house is haunted.
He enlists the help of a couple of amateur ghost hunters who capture footage of an old woman and a young girl trying to grab Tom’s attention.
Tom decides to find out more about the two ghosts. He discovers the ghosts belong to Edith and her granddaughter Emily Vicars, both of whom were murdered twenty years ago by Edith’s sister, Deidre Long, who served time in prison and then, in her dying days at a nursing home. Emily’s mother, Barbara, also suspected of being murdered by Deidre, was never found.
Wanting to learn why the ghosts wish to make contact with him, Tom visits Deidre, only to hear her say she was framed for their murders. She also explains is another body unaccounted for; Emily’s mother, Barbara, who lies dead somewhere in the house, along with evidence that will clear Deidre’s name; a knife used as the murder weapon.

Tom takes on the task of locating the knife and the body of Barbara Vicars and in turn tries to work out who killed them and why. He quickly discovers the killer is someone he knows very well.

Like to hear more? Let me know! 

Meanwhile, here a walk around video

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Little Black Betty hits town!

After four long months from Tucson to the Illawarra, Betty (my wife named her) finally arrives. And, my, doesn't she look a peach!

First thing I had to do, of course, once we got it down the driveway, was to get it started. Well, it didn't want to start and during the course of such the starter motor kept trying to turn the engine over. I had to frantically whip off the wooden floor plate and pull the lead from the battery. Figured out the problem. A car like this just needs one tool; a hammer. Gave the solenoid rod a little tap and we're good to go. Still won't start, but sounds like fuel issue. I am not too fussed at this stage.
You will recall I purchased a flathead for the car but I have since sold it off as I really didn't know much about its history and didn't want to fire it up and learn it was not working as I could not then turn around and resell it with a clear conscience.

So, plan B is sit and think about what we have here for the time being. I am NOT allowed to change the body shape at all, but AM allowed to change the interior and undercarriage etc.

So, I am thinking at this stage a nice retrim in maroon leather. Proper steel floor. Wood is perfectly okay for houses and other things of a hardware nature but I don't think wood (especially wooden floors) is gonna cut it with me. 

There is some rust. Not much, just a bit under the rear fender. More later about that.  Yes, the car will be converted to right hand drive at some stage. It will also have a nicer gauge cluster and the fuel tank will be relocated to the rear.

Engine of choice, then is a 302 Windsor. Probably mated to a nice c4 /c6 auto. I want to make the Windsor look a little nostalgic / 60's style hot rod rather than have lashings of chrome all over it. I think I want an understated engine.

Lewis Chassis in Melbourne have quoted me $15000 to supply a fully rolling chassis, but I think I will just box this one, and fit a So-cal front end on it, 8" banjo diff and be done with it.

Anyway, more to come!

Friday, 17 November 2017

Car hits dock, preparing to start flathead and other things

The guy who runs the company that I commissioned to bring the car over with is not what you would call the most talkative guy in town. I sent an email to him the other day asking whether the car is in Australia yet, and three days later he sends this long awaited reply.
"Yes, it is"
So, now you know as much as I do. It's in town. What that means is I suppose it has to go through quarantine, have the paperwork finalised and finally trucked to my home address. Maybe next week? Here's hoping.

Check out the heavily modded Aeroflow Ford engine cradle, will you!
fitted some rhs sleeves to extend the cradle, and added a support bar.

Also scored the Cal Custom 302 Ford Windsor valve covers for 80 bucks! Great stuff!

Happy New Year everyone!

Happy New Year to everyone! Thanks for sticking around. I hope 2018 promises to be a good year for everyone.  We sure can do with a turn o...